How we Innovate

Incremental Innovation

At the forefront of our minds is the Customer Problem. At the heart of our solutions is technology. We use technology to improve the lives of our Customers one step at the time.

innovation = a new match between a solution and a need


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The Opportunity

Exploration and Research of Industries identify a range of Business Opportunities.
We are looking at key industry trends, market evolution and technology themes.

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The Concept

Identifying concepts that solve Customer Problems revealed in Opportunities. 
We are tying concepts to Business Models identifying Customers and Key Pain Points.

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The Solution

Leveraging Technologies, Capabilities and Resources to solve Customer Needs. 
We are matching the Value Propositions to the Customer Needs.

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Incremental Innovation

For ITS Perception, to be successful is to be creative, efficient and take controlled risks. We innovate in steps based on real customer needs and business models. We have the courage to fail and the discipline to call off the search.

Leadership and cost control is the backbone of our Innovation Framework. A framework that helps us to gain Momentum, Learn and Fail Fast. This is Key in today's Competitive Tech Environment. Our People, Business Capabilities and our understanding of Cutting-edge Technologies are our Strengths.

ITS Perception - we innovate for a safe, efficient and connected future. 

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