We are on a mission to make your daily journey safe

We are on a mission to make your daily journey safe
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We focus on building solutions that can improve your everyday road and travel safety.

By applying our smart decision systems we can improve the flow of time-critical information.

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Time is money. Predictability and efficiency is key to any transport modality.

Our technology is proven to work under all conditions.

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Green technology and renewable energy is the future.

We design for life cycle management and circular economies.

People with passion and ideas – the rest is technology

People with passion and ideas – the rest is technology
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With our diverse backgrounds and deep knowledge acquired over the years from working at renown research facilities and big tech companies, we know how to put good ideas into action.

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With our passion for solving the problems you might have as well as for technology, we can let creativity loose and apply state of the art of technologies to let magic happen.

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To truly understand what your needs are, we need to put on your shoes and walk the walk.

True innovations are not created in the labs, but where the shit hits the fan.

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Hans Petter

Founder | CEO

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Co-Founder | VP Sales

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Co-Founder | VP Data Science

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Board member | Business Advisor

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Board Member | Tech Advisor

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Lead software engineer

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IP & Mechanical Design

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Data Scientist

Technology that make sense, providing intelligence

Technology that make sense, providing intelligence
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Data sensing technologies let us build systems capable to capture spatial information from its surrounding.

We utilize computer vision and optical sensors to capture even light not visible to a human eye!

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We train machines to adopt to their environments and teach them how to interpret changes occurring there so you don’t have to. This powerful capability can then be used to make real time decisions, locally.

Let the machines do the work!

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Information about critical events must be shared in real time to have any value. By intelligently filter out noise locally and only send qualified information, we create high quality data for later analytics and predictions.

Safe-guarding transportation

Traveling safely and efficiently is imperative to all of us.

As Norwegians, we are used to handle adverse weather and harsh winter conditions, it does not stop us from travel and business goes on as usual.

We can’t do much about the weather, but luckily there are solutions to overcome many of these challenges.

Our technology can inform you about hazardous locations and potentially dangerous situations so you can avoid them and plan ahead.

We can bridge existing infrastructure technologies and legacy systems to make the roadways adapt to the 21st century.

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